Heather Greene


Heather is a freelance writer, journalist, and editor in Atlanta, Georgia. She is also an acquisitions editor with Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd.

Her first book Bell, Book, and Camera: A Critical History of Witches in American Film and Television was released in Spring 2018.

Heather's professional career began in advertising, public relations, and film production in New York City, Atlanta, and Paris. After earning her master’s degree from Emory, Heather worked as a systems administrator for The Coca-Cola Company, while building her freelance career. In 2002, she left the corporate world behind, dedicating her time to both family and writing.


She has written for Turner Classic Movies, Saddleback SEO, Engenius Technologies, Sybex Publications, author Virginia Chandler, Lady Liberty League, Covenant of the Goddess, BDW Creative, Baldwin Design Works, and more. She has been published at Patheos.com, The Wild HuntCircle Magazine, the Parliament of the World Religions online magazine and other outlets. Her writing has been translated into German, French, Spanish, Polish, Italian, and Thai.

She once kept a blog but that got boring.

Her writing and interests are focused deep in the muddled intersections of pop culture, history, religion, art, film, and the occult. 

Outside of writing, Heather has spent her life surrounded by the performing and visual arts. She directed theater in New York City with the Mystic Theater Company, and was honored to perform in a theatrical dance experience at the Parliament of the World’s Religions in Salt Lake City.

Heather has a B.A. in Film Studies and French from Wesleyan University, and an M.A. in Film Studies from Emory University. She also studied film and theater at Cornell University and the University of Paris. She is a member of Circle Sanctuary, Covenant of the Goddess, and the Religion Newswriters Association.

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